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Animal Adaptations

armadillochameleonskunkcamelhummingbirdsnowshoe hare

Adaptations to A Desert Biome
Animal Adaptations
Animal Adaptations and Survival
Animal Adaptations Interactive Sites
Animal Camouflage
Animal Diversity
Animals and Adaptation
Animals, Adaptation and the Galápagos Islands
The Body Changers
Build a Beast
Dirtmeister's Animal Adaptations
Hot or Cold
How Animals Meet Their Needs
How Plants and Animals Survive the Winter
Mission Adaptation Game
Penguin Adaptation
Understand Wildlife Winter Survival Strategies
Wacky Animal Defences
What Do Animals Do in Winter?
What Does Adaptation Mean?
Wildlife in Winter--Adaptations for Survival
Winter Adaptations of Animals



African Wildlife Federation
Alaska Sealife Center
Alaska Wildlife Notebook
Amazing Animal Senses
Animal Ark
Animal Biology
Animal Coloring Pages A-I
Animal Coloring Pages J-Z
Animal Database
Animal Diversity Web
Animal Doc
Animal Facts
Animal Games
Animal Guides
Animal Hospital
Animal Jr.
Animal Planet
Animal Printouts
Animals and English
Animals and Nature
Animals at the Learning Zone
Animals at San Diego Zoo
Animals of the World
Animal Sounds
Animal Tribe
Animal Web
A to Z Animals
A-Z of Animals
Backyard Animals
BBC Nature Animals
Beartracker's Animal Tracks Den
Build Your Wild Self
Click to Color the Animals
Creature Feature
Creature Features
Critter Cam
Discover Life
Earthlife Web
Earth's Kids Wild Animals
Fact Zoo
The Featured Creature
General Facts About Various Types of Animals
How Animals See The World
Identifying and Preserving Wildlife Tracks
Invertebrate I.D.
Journey North
Journey South
Jungle Island
Kids Corner Animals
Kids' Planet
Kid Territory
Listen to Nature
List of Oviparous Animals
Museum of Zoology
National Digital Library of USFWS
National Wildlife Federation Kidzone
Natural History Museum
Natural History Notebooks
Nature Works
Nature of New England
NOAA's Ark
Northwest Trek
Noses and Other Things That Smell
Owen and Mzee
Planet Earth
Safari Bill
The Smallest Page on the Web
Smithsonian Wild
So You Want to be a Wildlife Filmmaker?
Terms for Groups of Animals, Birds, and Insects
A Touch of Class
Tracks Left in the Night
Tree of Life Project
What Animals Lay Eggs?
Who's Eye Is It Anyway?
Wild Animals A-Z
Wildlife Filmmakers
Wildlife Fun for Kids
Wildlife Watch
Wildscreen Arkive
WildWatch Cams
World Wildlife Fund



Amazing Bats of Bracken Cave
Bat Conservation International
Bats Are Cool
Bats at Enchanted Learning
Bats in Australia
Batty About Bats
Bat World
Bouncing Sounds
Echolocation Video
Echo the Bat
How to Build a Bat House
Is That A Lark I Hear? A Nightingale? Surprise! It's A Bat
Kidzone Bats
Lubee Bat Conservancy
The Organization for Bat Conservation
Soar With Bats
Vampire Bats



Bear Country USA
Bears of the World
Bear Species of the World
Bears Theme
Brown Bears
Colored Bear Cards
Facts About Bears
The Great Polar Bear Feast
The Grizzlies of Siberia
Grizzly Bear
North American Bear Center
Panda Cam
Polar Bear Central
Polar Bears International
The Polar Bears of Churchill
Ted and Floppy's Fun Page
Teddy Bear Book


soaring seagull

18 Strange and Beautiful Hummingbird Species
All About Birds
Antarctic Penguins
The Aviary
Baby Chicks Hatching Video
The Backyard Birder
Beak Association
Bird Central
Bird Feeders
Bird Identification Practice
Bird Live Cams
Bird Migration Video
Bird Nest Snack
Bird Photos
Birds by Name
Birds of Prey Photos
Bird Song Mnemonics
Bird Songs
Bird Species
Common Birds of New England
Cornell Ornithology Lab
Curious Naturalist
Duck Pictures
Egg And Nest Identification
Eggs--A Virtual Exhibition
Emperor Penguin Chicks Video
Endangered Birds
Explore Raptors
The Fifty Rarest Birds of the World
From Egg to Chick
Fun Facts about Bird Nests
Happy Feet
Harmony: The Birds of America
How Birds Fly
Hummer Nest
Katee Discovery Zone
The Language of Birds
The Life of Birds
Minnesota Bird Songs
New Zealand Penguins
North American Bird Sounds
Operation Migration
Owl Cams
The Owl Pages
A Penguin Chick's Life
Penguin Glyph
Penguin Science
Project Pigeon Watch
Robins' Nest Video
SeaWorld's Penguin Cam
Washington, DC Bald Eagle Nest Cam
Waterfowl ID
Wild Birds

Butterflies and Caterpillars


Alien Empire
Butterflies of Maryland
Butterflies and Caterpillars
Butterflies and Moths of North America
Butterflies at A Kid's Heart
Butterflies in Bloom
Butterflies of New England
Butterflies North and South
Butterfly Activities
Butterfly and Caterpillar Crafts
Butterfly, Caterpillar, and Inchworm Crafts
Butterfly Conservatory
Butterfly Fun
Butterfly Gardening
Butterfly Poem
The Butterfly Site
Caterpillar Crafts
Children's Butterfly Site
A Dance with the Butterflies
Do Woolly Caterpillars Hibernate?
Emerging Monarchs
Journey North: Monarch Butterfly
How to Make Butterfly Gardens
Magic Wings
Monarch and Giant Swallowtail Butterfly Photographs
The Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle on YouTube
Monarch Butterfly USA
The Monarch Butterfly
Monarch Emerging from Chrysalis
Monarch Life Cycle Video
Monarch Life Cycle Video on YouTube
Monarchs and Migration
Monarch Watch
Morphing Monarchs
Painted Lady Butterflies
Raise Your Online Butterfly
A Student's Guide to Butterflies
Texas Monarch Project
Tracking Monarchs
The Very Hungry Caterpillar Video
Woolly Bear Caterpillars and Weather Prediction
Zoom Butterflies


T rex

Age of the Dinosaur
Create a Dinosaur Timeline
Digging for Dinosaurs
Dino Dictionary
Dino Directory
Dinosaur Art
Dinosaur Facts
Dinosaur Floor
Dinosaur Hall
The Dinosaur Museum
Dinosaur Papercraft
Dinosaur Ridge
Dinosaurs: Fact and Fiction
Dinosaurs of Ancient Queensland
Dinosaur State Park
Dinosaur Timeline
Dinosaur Timeline for Kids
Dinosaur Times
Dinosaur Videos
Dinosaur WebQuest
Discover Paleontology Videos
Download a Dinosaur
Explorations Through Time
Follow a Fossil
Fossil Halls
Ivy's Dinosaur Coloring Page
Kids' Dinos
Museum of Paleontology
National Museum of Natural History
The Paleontology Portal
Prehistoric World
Prehistoric World Images
Scholastic Dinosaurs
Search for Dinosaurs
Sue at the Field Museum
Timerock Dinosaur Database
University of California Museum of Paleontology
What is a Dinosaur?
Zoom Dinosaurs

Endangered Species


Defenders of Wildlife
Endangered Animals
Endangered Animals of the World
Endangered Earth
Endangered Ecosystems
Endangered Species Board Game
Endangered and Threatened Species
Find Endangered Species
NOAA's Office of Protected Resources
Orangutan Conservancy
Priority Species
Rhino Conservation
Saving Wildlife
Threatened and Endangered Plants
Wildlife Conservation Society



4-H Horse Farm
4-H Virtual Farm
Ag's Cool
All About Farm Animals
Animal Improvement Programs Laboratory
Arabian Knight's Farm Petting Zoo
Around the Farm
Barnyard Babies
Barnyard Palace
Bet the Farm
Bread Comes to Life
Bread: From Seed to Sandwich
Breeds of Livestock
Camp Silos
Davis Farmland
A Day in the Life of a Livingston County Farmer Video
Down on the Farm Literature
Egg Story Mini Book
Farm Addition
Farm Animal Pictogram
Farm Animals
Farm Animals Mini-Book
Farm Animals Around the World
Farmer Fred's Pumpkin Patch- Addition Game
Farmhouses in the Heartland
Farm Kids Page
Farm Safety
Farms Around the World
Farm Tech
Farm Theme
From the Cow to the Cone
Greenheyes Farm
Harvest of History
John Deere Kids
Kids' World
The Land of Huge Farms
The Life Cycle of the Chicken
Make a Farm Software
Moo Milk
Old McDonald Had a Farm
Old McDonald's Farm Coloring Book
Old McDonald Had a Farm Cutouts
Peanut Farming
Pick Your Own
Pork Teacher Resources
SMART Agriculture Lessons
Snayfwickby Farm
Straus Creamery
Traders Point Creamery
Undeniably Dairy
Wessels Living History Farm
When I Grow Up, I Want to Be a Farmer
When I Grow Up, I Want to Be a Farmer--Video

Food Chains and Food Webs

food web

Cold Desert Food Web
Desert Food Chains
Ecodome Information Pages
Food Chain Pages and Game
Food Chains
Food Chains and Webs
Food Webs
Fun With Food Webs
Herbivores and Carnivores
Parts of the Food Chain
Planetpals: The Food Chain
Rangeland Soil Food Web
The Web of Life
What is the difference between a food web and a food chain?


kelpfernwater lilygrasscactus

Animal Habitats
Animal Habitats Quiz
Animal Homes
Arctic Animal Pictures
Arctic Wildlife Portfolio
Australian Fauna
Backyard Habitat
Biodome Ecosystems
Biomes of the World
Blue Planet Biomes
Critter Craze
Desert Animals
Desert Animals and Wildlife
Draw That Habitat!
Flora and Fauna of the Great Plains
The Great Habitat Match-Up
Habitats from National Geographic
Habitats Science Clips
Human and Animal Habitats
Introduction to Biomes
Mission: Biomes
Nature Habitats
Ocean Habitats
Rainforest Animals
Soil Biological Communities
Unique Australian Animals
Wildlife Along the Rockies
Wildlife of the Rocky Mountains
The World's Biomes



Alien Empire
Ant Farm Central
Bee Buzz for Kids
Bug Bios
Bug Club
Bug Food
Bug Games for Kids
Bug Guide
Locust Swarm
Creepy Crawlies
Entomology for Beginners
Dragonflies and Damselflies
Firefly Craft
Going Buggy
Häagen-Dazs Honey Bee Haven
Help the Honey Bees
Insect Information
Insect Records
Insect Sounds
Insect Transformations
Let's Talk About Insects
Living Jewels
Orkin Learning Center
Pollinators--Putting Food on the Table
Silence of the Bees
Steve's Ant Farm
Tales from the Hive
Terminix Pest Library
Virtual Roach
Water Bugs
What's That Bug?
Wonderful World of Insects

Life Cycles

animated circle

Animal Life Cycle Printouts
Animal Transformations
Blue Crab Life Cycle
The Circle of Life
Classroom Salmon Egg Incubation Program
Complete Metamorphosis
Dragonfly Life Cycle
Elephant Life Cycle
Frog Life Cycle
Ladybug Life Cycle
The Life Cycle of a Chicken Printables
The Life Cycle of Coral
The Life Cycle of a Frog
The Life Cycle of a Honey Bee Video
Life Cycle of a Sea Turtle
Life Cycles Pathfinder
Life Cycles Science Clips
A Lobster's Life
Morphing Embryos
Salmon Hatchery
The Salmon Life Cycle
Structures of Life



Annotated List of the Marine Mammals of the World
Armadillo Online
Asia's Last Lions
Beavers: Wetlands and Wildlife
Breeds of Horses
Cats--Plans for Perfection
Cat Tales
The Cheetah Spot
Cyber Tiger
Dian Fossey Gorillas
Duke University Lemur Center
Echo of the Elephants
Elephant Sanctuary
Elephant Voices
Eyes on the Tiger
Fossil Horses in Cyberspace
Giraffe Pictures and Facts
Hall of Mammals
Incredible World of Mammals
Jane Goodall Institute
The Joy of Pigs
The Kingdom of Lions
Koko's World
The Life of Mammals
Mammal Image Library
Mammal Orders
Mammal Orders Chart
Mammals Interactives
Marine Mammals
Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre
National Geographic Mammals
National Opossum Society
Silent Roar
Smithsonian Mammals
Tall Blondes
Toothwalkers: Giants of the Arctic Ice
What Is a Mammal?
Yellowstone Otters



8 Best Pets for Kids
10 Popular Small Pets
AKC Recognized Breeds
All About Aquarium Fish
Best Pet Fish for Children
Best Pet Reptiles For Children
Better Reptiles Pets for Kids
Bow Wow Meow
Care for Pets
Cat Breeds
Cat of the Day
Dog Breed Info Center
Dog Breed Selector
Dog of the Day
Dog Owner's Guide
Dog Play
Dogs and More Dogs
Dogs: The Early Years
Dog Training Basics
Dog Training Guide
Extraordinary Dogs
For Kids...About Cats
Hamsters or Gerbils for Kids?
How To Care for Gerbils, Hamsters and Guinea Pigs
How to Love Your Dog
The Infinite Cat Project
A Kids' Guide to Basic Pet Rat and Mouse Care
Living with a House Rabbit
Pedigreed Pups
People Foods to Avoid Feeding Your Pets
Pet 360
Pet Care
Pet Care for Kids
Pet Care Guide
Pet of the Day
Raising Spot
Rate My Fish Tank
Saltwater Aquarium Guide
Thinking About Getting a Pet Rabbit?
Walks with Red Dog
Your New Puppy
Zoom Dogs

Pond Life

frogdragonflymallardswimming swancattailsbeaverfish

California Dragonflies and Damselflies
Create a Pond
Dragonflies and Damselflies
Dragonfly Site
A Drop of Life
Explore a Pond
Hams Hall Pond
Life In a Jar
A Perfect Pond Study
Plastic Bag Pond
Pond Animals Theme Unit
Pond Life
Pond Life Identification Kit
Ponds and Lakes
Pond Seek and Find
Shadow a Swan
Virtual Pond Dip

Reptiles and Amphibians

reptiles and amphibians

10 Most Poisonous and Dangerous Snakes In the World
All About Frogs
All About Turtles
Amphibian and Reptile Galleries
Amphibia Web
Crocodile Hunter
The Crocodile Hunter
Euro Turtle
Exploratorium Frogs
The Frog Game
Froggyville Games
Frog Life Cycle
Frogs and Toads Sounds
Green Iguana Society
Herp and Green Iguana Information Collection
International Crocodile Rescue
Komodo Dragon
Komodo Dragons
Life Cycle of a Sea Turtle
The Lizard Lounge
Lizards and Snakes Alive
Monitor Lizards
National Zoo Reptile and Amphibian Collection
Net Frog
Pictures of Reptiles and Amphibians
Racing Frogs
Red-Eyed Tree Frogs
Reptile Channel
Reptile Gardens
Reptile Photo Gallery
Reptiles and Amphibians of South Carolina and Georgia
Sea Turtle
Sea Turtles
Sea Turtles for Kids
Sea Turtles: The Kids' Times
Snake Photo Gallery
Snakes Alive
Snakes of Massachusetts
Snakes of Texas
South Carolina Reptiles and Amphibians
St. Augustine Alligator Farm
A Thousand Friends of Frogs
Treating and Preventing Venomous Bites
Turtles in Trouble
Types of Lizards
The Venom Cure
Venomous Snakes Information
Water Dragons
Welcome to Our Pad
Wild Herps

Sea Creatures


About Marine Mammals
Alaska Fisheries Science Center
Ancient Creature of the Deep
Animals and Sound in the Sea
Aquarium of Tropical Fish
Are Jellyfish Really Fish?
Bermuda's Coral Reefs
Birch Aquarium
Blue Crabs
Blue Frontier
Build a Fish at MARE
Build a Fish at Shedd
Caitlin Seaview Survey
Discovery of Sound in the Sea
Explore Creatures
Explore a Shark from the Inside
Florida Aquarium
Great White Sharks
The Horseshoe Crab or King Crab
Horseshoe Crabs--A Living Fossil
Investigate the Giant Squid
Jellyfish And Comb Jellies
MarineBio Kids
Marine Biology
Marine Fisheries
Marine Mammal Center
Marine Mammal Photos
Marine Mammals
Miami Seaquarium
Nudibranchs Gallery
Ocean Animal Encyclopedia
Ocean Life
Oceans Alive
OCEARCH Shark Tracker
Project Seahorse
Sea Life
Sea Star
Shark Friends
Shark Guide
Shark Learning Games and Videos
Shark Mountain
Shark Surfari!
Shedd Aquarium
Sounds Underwater
Vancouver Aquarium



Anansi Stories
Brown Recluse Spider
Critter Case Files
Edible Spiders
Eek...a Spider!
Egg Carton Spiders
Egyptian Giant Solpugid
The Garden Safari
The Itsy Bitsy Spider
Little Miss Muffet
Look Out! A Spider!
Spider and Web Photos
Spider Facts
Spider Myths
Spider Pictures and Images
Spiders at Enchanted Learning
Spiders – Can Spiders Kill Humans?
Spiders for Kids
Spiders from Australian Museum
Spiders of Northwest Europe
Spiders Theme Page
Spider Web Game
Webs of Life
Wolf Spiders

Whales and Dolphins

swimming dolphins

Adopt a Whale
American Cetacean Society
Baleen Whales
Beluga Whales
Bottlenose Dolphins
Bottlenose Dolphins Creature Feature
Cetacean Profiles
Charlotte, The Vermont Whale
David's Whale and Dolphin Watch
Dolphin and Humpback Whale Origami
Dolphin Facts for Kids
Dolphin Fun
Dolphins: Close Encounters
Gray Whales
Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust
How Whales Work
Humpback Whales
International Dolphin Watch
Killer Whales
Killer Whales and Dolphins
Marine Mammal Center
Marine Mammals
Migration Game
Orca Live
Origami Whale
Right Whales
Save the Whales
The Society for Marine Mammalogy
South Australian Whale Centre
Sperm Whale
The Ultmate Guide to Dolphins
Virtual Whale Watch
Was There a Real Moby Dick?
Whale Fluke Identification
Whale Migration
Whale Route
Whales, Dolphins, and Porpoises
Whales for Kids
The Whalesong Project
Whale Songs
Whale Times
Whale Watching Web
You Wouldn't Want to Sail on the Whaling Ship Essex
Zoom Whales



International Wolf Center
The Park of Courzieu
The Return of the Wolf!
Timber Wolf
Wild Wolves
Wolf Cams
Wolf Printouts
Wolf Spot
Wolves of the World
Yellowstone Wolf Tracker


map of a zoo

Animal Adventure Park
Auckland Zoo
Belize Zoo
Brevard Zoo
Bronx Zoo
Buttonwood Park Zoo
Central Park Zoo
Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
Cincinnati Zoo
Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
Fort Wayne Children's Zoo
Fresno Chaffee Zoo
Honolulu Zoo
Indianapolis Zoo
Infrared Zoo
Jackson Zoo
Journey to the Jungle
Lincoln Park Zoo
Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary
Minnesota Zoo
National Zoo
Oakland Zoo
Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo
Philadelphia Zoo
Phoenix Zoo
Roger Williams Park Zoo
Saint Louis Zoo
San Diego Zoo
San Francisco Zoo
SeaWorld Parks
Sedgwick County Zoo
Singapore Zoo
Switcheroo Zoo
Toronto Zoo
Utah's Hogle Zoo
Woodland Park Zoo
Zoo Atlanta
Zoo Zoom
ZSL London Zoo

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