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Boggle Supreme
Form as many words you can using the letters on the board. The letters must be adjacent and in the proper order to form a word.

Brain Teasers, Puzzles, and Riddles
National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences offers these challenging puzzles.

Brain Twister
A ten question trivia quiz.

Copy Cat
Copy a 3-D figure by viewing its faces.

Daily Jigsaw Puzzle
A new jigsaw puzzle every day.

Daily Kakuro
Fill in numbers to add up to the clues.

Dare to Compare
Find out how you match up against others in this country and around the world.

Dots and Boxes
Play against the computer to connect dots with lines to create boxes.

Fantastic Contraption
Combine design elements to meet challenges.

Fill in numbers in a grid following rules for mathematical operations.

Magic Square Puzzle
Connect puzzle pieces so that all rows and columns add up to 30.

Marbles and Rows Puzzle
Rearrange nine squares to line up marbles.

Figure out the correct sequence of pegs.

Multiple Intelligences
Take the test to discover which elements of your intelligence are the strongest.

Puzzle Playground
A variety of puzzles is offered here.

Rebus Puzzles
Decode these words and symbols.

A strategy game played by flipping pieces.

Rush Hour
Move the cars to unblock the traffic jam.

Match dice by color or number.

Find sets using shape, color, and fill type.

Arrange nine digits so that each appears only once
in every column, row, or block.

Sugar, Sugar
Fill cups with sugar by drawing paths.

The Traveler IQ Challenge
Find locations on a map.

Drag tiles into a grid until the grid contains every word from the given quotation.

Word Twist
Find as many words as you can in the grid.

Neuronal protein image courtesy of:
Robert S. McNeil, Cain Foundation Laboratories, Baylor College of Medicine.

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